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Monday June 29th 2009

Happy Monday everyone. Not too many people like Monday, it’s usually the beginning of a long work week for some folks. Talking about working, there’s a great website to help you search for a job online or offline, jobs temporary permenant or contracting consultant etc … http://jobs.knowingthis.com lots of great tips.

Michael Jackson died a few couple days ago, following by another popular person Billy May also heart related disease or failure. Michael Jackson is well known top #1 pop music star has amazing video music special effect. While Billy May popular on TV as pitchman.

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Happy Friday June 19th 2009

Well you all made it again, it’s finally Friday. A few good movies to watch this week. Check out the movie trailers for these two movies. June 19, 2009 Year One Columbia Pictures, June 19, 2009 Proposal, The Touchstone Pictures PG-13

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Vietnamese Hooters cafes

Very interesting story that I have never seen on American news Television. Most if not all know Vietnamese “coffee shop” have sexy Vietnamese or other races girls working there, they dress up very sexy like “Bra tops, bustiers, corsets, itsy-bitsy spandex tube tops and bottoms, micro mini skirts and clear stilettos are the norm. At night, the clothes get a little fancier” I thought that most Vietnamese “cafes shop” owner kept it low, unknown to many people. Most of the Vietnamese “cafes shop” offer more than just talk to customer and serving coffee, it’s a fact, I’ve seen it and kind of tried it ahahahah! Well here are some links to prove.
Cau chuyen

hinh anh

va video

Happy Monday June 15th 2009

Hope you all have good week end. What’s going today in the news? here are some highlight:
* Recession fears cripple stocks
* N.K. has made nuclear progress, experts say
* Russia vetoes U.N. mission in Georgia
* Space shuttle launch now set for Wednesday
* Secretary calls air crash a ‘wake-up call’
* Anger boils over 46 deaths at day care
* Ticker: Palin wins apology for ‘coarse joke’
* Health bill could cost $1 trillion
* U.N. names Bill Clinton envoy to Haiti
* Obama ‘deeply troubled’ by Iran protests
* Blagojevich tries comedy routine on stage Video
* Man found after fall from cruise ship
* Parents live nightmare
* Layman-turned-relics hunter rescues antiquities
* Teen charged in 19 serial cat killings
* 4 guys find success in bridal business Video T-shirt
* Dad feels cheated in parental holiday gifting
* Video shows trooper, paramedic scuffle Video
* Puppy accidentally flushed down toilet Video

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Saturday June 13th 2009

Here are some great headline news that I think are important to us all. UN officially announced new sanctions against North Korea due to continuous nuclear program, North Korea react “act of war” and said to gather all enrichment to generate maybe a nuclear rocket to shoot somewhere … Swine flu raised to highest level due too many people got infected with the virus, medical company are working on quick vaccine that work although there are some home remedy that might prevent or possibly cure it (cure swine flu h1n1). As many of you know yesterday Friday was the last day all TV broadcaster in USA to broadcast in analog, all should be in digital by now, the Fed had over 300,000 calls after obsolete of analog TV signal. Six flags filing for bankruptcy, I guess people don’t visit themes park as much anymore, due to economy budget.

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Vietnam deadly bus crashed killed at least 10 Russian tourist

Russian newspapers on March 16 carried numerous reports and photos regarding a tragic bus accident in Vietnam’s central Binh Thuan province on March 13 that killed 10 out of the 24 Russian tourists aboard.

The accident happened at 7pm when the bus was carrying the 24 Russian tourists, an interpreter and a driver from Vietnam’s Central Highland resort town of Da Lat to Binh Thuan province.  Read more to view video clips on this tragic deadly crashed in Vietnam. Continue reading Vietnam deadly bus crashed killed at least 10 Russian tourist