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US withdraw troops from Iraq

The first troops withdrawal from Iraq started, US left Baghdad city, and more will be leaving cities and town and Baghdad. This has many impact but the US leader deliver what promised. http://www.contracostatimes.com/california/ci_12729927

Michael Jackson net work about $290 Million, I wonder how much his debts are? Even more complicated situation, all his childrens are not his biological childrens. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/michael-jackson/5706071/Michael-Jackson-not-biological-father-of-his-children.html

Happy Friday June 27th 2009

Well we all made it, Friday at last. Many Michael Jackson fan out there are pretty sadden by the fact that he’s dead now, it was due to a serious heart attack, this impact world wide music culture, Michael Jackson had amazing music video special effects. Some of his music video are here on this site http://english.musicflu.com

It’s also officially summer 2009 last week, so go out door plant a garden and enjoy the weather, get some vitamin D from the sun, just don’t stay out for too long risk of getting sunburn and possibly skin problems like cancer. Find more information or tips on these two medical sites: http://www.tranclinic.com and http://www.diseaseandcures.com Talking about health, Swine Flu in US alone June 2009 almost got up to 30,000 cases with over 127 deaths, worldwide could reach millions.

Economy appear to be at a stand still, at least it’s not going down, but remain still, and hope that it will go up. Housing market pick up a little bit with APR gone up also, you can still get good deal in buying new house or refinance check out this site http://www.doyourealestates.com

Thuy Nga 96 released today June 25th 2009

Thuy Ngay music dvd #96 has been released. So go out and support them by buying original DVD, our popular Vietnamese culture top music entertainment are Thuy Nga, Van Son, Asia, at least for these three productions, please buy original DVDs to support them, they don’t release too many DVD per year, 1-2 or maybe 3 a year, so support them. If you want to review can’t wait to go buy it. You can probably use NG account to download and review, similar to megaupload and rapidshare.

Free online travel all over the world tips video tour

Here’s what we have so far for traveling sites. These sites features the most traveled to countries, famous destinations and attractions. There are video tour clips shared by other users or tour guide themselves, this will help you have a good glance at what to expect if traveling to there. There are advertisement on the pages, these advertisements are links to check out the current bargains deals to the destinations you’re interested in, book your vacation package, cheap airfare, hotel tour cruise etc … Hope you enjoy it, more will be added.

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Vietnamese Karaoke free download site back online

At last, I was able to restore Vietnamese Karaoke free download site back online, thanks for your patient. Enjoy the wonderful Vietnamese culture of Karaoke. Free download via megaupload, if you don’t have an account yet, get a few people together and share it, it’s worth it :) Enjoy! and by the way, there are currently over seven thousands Vietnamese karaoke files ready for download!



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