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Chúc Mừng Năm Mới 2012 – Year of the Dragon

chuc mung nam moi 2012 - chúc mừng năm mới 2012
chuc mung nam moi 2012 - chúc mừng năm mới 2012

Tết Nguyên Đán, more commonly known by its shortened name Tết or “Vietnamese Lunar New Year”, is the most important and popular holiday and festival in Vietnam. It is the Vietnamese New Year marking the arrival of spring based on the Chinese calendar, a lunisolar calendar. The name Tết Nguyên Đán is Sino-Vietnamese for Feast of the First Morning, derived from the Hán nôm characters 節元旦.
Tết is celebrated on the same day as Chinese New Year, though exceptions arise due to the one-hour time difference between Hanoi and Beijing resulting in the alternate calculation of the new moon. It takes place from the first day of the first month of the Lunar calendar (around late January or early February) until at least the third day. Many Vietnamese prepare for Tết by cooking special holiday foods and cleaning the house. There are a lot of customs practiced during Tết, such as visiting a person’s house on the first day of the new year (xông nhà), ancestral worshipping, wishing New Year’s greetings, giving lucky money to children and elderly people, and opening a shop.
Tết is also an occasion for pilgrims and family reunions. During Tết, Vietnamese visit their relatives and temples, forgetting about the troubles of the past year and hoping for a better upcoming year. They consider Tết to be the first day of spring and the festival is often called Hội xuân (spring festival).

Happy Mother day May 10th 2009 Sunday

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This holiday is relatively modern, being created at the start of the 20th century, and should not be confused with the early pagan and Christian traditions honoring mothers, or with the 16th century celebration of Mothering Sunday, which is also known as Mother’s Day in the UK.

In most countries the Mother’s Day celebration is a recent holiday derived from the Mothering Sunday holiday in the UK.

It is celebrated in Australia, Malaysia, Canada, and United States each year on the second Sunday of May.

Vietnamese websites contents in Vietnamese

The follow sites are in Vietnamese contents, I’ve been working on it for a while now and would like to consolidate it into this post. There are, will keep update.

Truyen Audio – co nhieu truyen audio updated frequently. Truyen doc audio ngan va dai. Most are in MP3 format, and direct link for listening, some links are external using mediafire and megaupload.

Ca Nhac – Cai Luong, Tan Co, Hai Huoc. Vietnamese cultural music.  All with direct link for live stream listening, some with also Video clips.

CD albums -Viet music albums, some with direct link to listen live stream, some with video clips, and some is useless, I’m still working on getting the Buy Now features so you can purchase the CDs.

Song Title -Vietnamese music, by title of song, wma format, all links are direct streaming. Some with also video clips. Most if not all Vietnamese song title ever existed.

Music Production – All the Vietnamese music production here in the US and abroad oversea. All have related video clips of music and singers for that particular production.

Singers Biography -Vietnamese singers biography. This might not be complete, but these singers has been around for a long time. Most if not all have related music Videos to the singers.

Songs Singers – Listen to songs by Vietnamese Artist or Singer. Live stream music base on Singer or Artist. WMA format, some with video clips.

How to – Tutorials on how to do things in Vietnamese contents. Just about everything especially high-tech.

Tu vi – The most popular site to get your daily Vietnamese Horoscope 2009, tu vi hang ngay. Vietnamese contents but also have daily horoscope in English as well.

Nau An Tieng Viet – Cooking recipe book in Vietnamese. Co hon 2,000 recipe, va duoc update moi ngay, hang nagy, …


vietnamese food cooking recipes
vietnamese food cooking recipes

Các món bánh mặn , bánh ngọt, kẹo mứt , xôi chè và thức uống, Các món ăn cho bữa cơm gia đình và các món đặc sản, Những món không có thịt, cá và món chay …

updated daily, co hon 2,000 recipes tieng viet nam, moi ban vao xem hang ngay!


Korean foods cooking recipes free

korean foods cooking recipes
korean foods cooking recipes

Releasing another cooking recipe site. Korean foods cooking recipes. This site contain all the well known Korean recipes, like the Korean BBQ and Kim Chee. See complete list below. Check it out! you’ll love Korean foods.



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