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Van Son 47 In Edmonton Canada – He Tren Xu Lan

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Van Son 47 - Vietnamese Music Production

Vân Sơn_47_ In Edmonton Canada _Hè Trên Xứ Lạn
Van Son 47 In Edmonton Canada – He Tren Xu Lan
Vietnamese Music Video Van Son Production
Please support Van Son Entertainment Vietnamese music video production by buying original copies.

Reviews: Toi moi xem DVD 47. Toi luc nao cung mua DVD Van Son khi moi ra. That ra, toi khong bao gio mua Van Son hoi truoc khi co phan phong su cua Viet Thao va Van Son. Phan phong su rat bo ich tai vi minh biet them nhieu chuyen hay tren the gioi. Dac biet Viet Thao rat hay trong phan hosting. Viet la mot MC hay.va anh rat tu nhien trong video phong su. Co mot dieu la, anh that su can mot outfit stylist. Do la phan quang trong cua ngoai hinh. Anh khong phai dress do brand names va mac tien. Giong nhu show My, ho rat quang trong van de custom. As an artist, you need to dress up-to-date. So he needs help, Van Son needs to hire a custom designer. Trust me, your shows will look differently. Good luck!

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Van Son 44 Nho Nha Vietnamese Music Video in Connecticut

Van Son 44 Nho Nha Vietnamese Music Video in Connecticut
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1. Opening Viet Thao Unknown 0
2. Yeu Chi Hai Lua Van Son Unknown 0
3. Toi Van Nho Che Linh Ngan Giang 0
4. Bong Dem Cuoc Tinh Hoang Thuc Linh Ngoc Trinh 0
5. Nhung Ngay Xua Than ai Giang Tu Pham The My 0
6. Xin Mai Yeu Linda Chou Ngoc Trinh 0
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Vietnamese singers artist spouse husand wife children pictures

Have you ever wonder who is your favorite Vietnamese  singers spouse and children are? what their wife or husband or children look like or just want to view their pictures? Take a look at this link below.


Vietnamese websites contents in Vietnamese

The follow sites are in Vietnamese contents, I’ve been working on it for a while now and would like to consolidate it into this post. There are, will keep update.

Truyen Audio – co nhieu truyen audio updated frequently. Truyen doc audio ngan va dai. Most are in MP3 format, and direct link for listening, some links are external using mediafire and megaupload.

Ca Nhac – Cai Luong, Tan Co, Hai Huoc. Vietnamese cultural music.  All with direct link for live stream listening, some with also Video clips.

CD albums -Viet music albums, some with direct link to listen live stream, some with video clips, and some is useless, I’m still working on getting the Buy Now features so you can purchase the CDs.

Song Title -Vietnamese music, by title of song, wma format, all links are direct streaming. Some with also video clips. Most if not all Vietnamese song title ever existed.

Music Production – All the Vietnamese music production here in the US and abroad oversea. All have related video clips of music and singers for that particular production.

Singers Biography -Vietnamese singers biography. This might not be complete, but these singers has been around for a long time. Most if not all have related music Videos to the singers.

Songs Singers – Listen to songs by Vietnamese Artist or Singer. Live stream music base on Singer or Artist. WMA format, some with video clips.

How to – Tutorials on how to do things in Vietnamese contents. Just about everything especially high-tech.

Tu vi – The most popular site to get your daily Vietnamese Horoscope 2009, tu vi hang ngay. Vietnamese contents but also have daily horoscope in English as well.

Nau An Tieng Viet – Cooking recipe book in Vietnamese. Co hon 2,000 recipe, va duoc update moi ngay, hang nagy, …

Releasing new vietnamese music website over 10 thousands songs

This new website, you can listen to audio music download to your computer and listen at anytime free. This half way done release contain 10 of thousands songs by artist or Vietnamese singers. Enjoy!


Vietnamese Singers Artist Biography

Completion of Vietnamese Singers Artist Biography database. Please visit link below. Comments welcome.


Vietnamese singers biography

Over 148 Vietnamese singers artists biography